(A)   The areas in the city restricted by the provisions of this subchapter are as follows: all of that portion of land lying within a triangular shaped area on each street corner within the city described by metes and bounds as follows: beginning at the precise corner of the intersection point of the curbs of each of the two streets forming each corner and extending 20 feet along each such curbline from the curb intersection point, the third side being determined by the drawing of a straight line from the ends of the 20-foot extensions, whether the land be privately owned or unpaved or untraveled street right-of-way property.
   (B)   Where no curbs are in existence at the street intersections, the 20-foot lines shall coincide with the central flow line of the ditches paralleling the uncurbed streets as shall be determined by the Building Official.
   (C)   The provisions of this subchapter shall apply only to those areas of the city designated and classified by Ch. 160 of this code of ordinances requiring construction on lots in zoned sections to be set back from the property line of each lot.
(1998 Code, § 106-145)