(A)   All holes or trenches dug in the streets shall, after the work contemplated has been completed, be repaired and filled with new material of the same kind and character as that originally placed in the street, when the street was last built or repaired.
   (B)   In all cases where any work is done in and upon the streets of the city, the backfilling must be puddled and rammed, the streets must be left in at least as good condition as they were before the work was done and the streets disturbed; and the person doing the work and the person for whom it is done will be held responsible for the work and for any subsequent settling of the ground. Whenever notified by the City Engineer that the street has become out of repair where the excavation was made and on account of the work done, the person responsible therefor shall instantly cause the street to be repaired.
(1998 Code, § 106-79) Penalty, see § 10.99