General Provisions
   153.001   Scope and purpose
   153.002   Definitions
   153.003   Stair railings and grates
   153.004   Permit to place building material on street
   153.005   Removal of decaying or burned building
   153.006   Use of concrete and other debris as fill on publicly dedicated rights-of-way prohibited
   153.007   Operation of vehicles with lugs, ice spurs, or similar
   153.008   Operation of construction equipment or vehicle equipped with outriggers
   153.009   Appeal process
Building Code and Construction Standards
   153.025   Adoption of Building Code
   153.026   Authority of Building Inspector to prepare manual of construction guidelines
   153.027   Additions, alterations, and repairs
   153.028   Maintenance
   153.029   Historic preservation
   153.030   Alternate materials and methods of construction
   153.031   Modifications
   153.032   Tests
Building Inspector and Building Permits
   153.045   Establishment of the office of the Building Inspector
   153.046   Authority of Building Inspector to enforce
   153.047   Right of entry
   153.048   Stop orders
   153.049   Liability
   153.050   Cooperation of officials and officers
   153.051   Building permit required
   153.052   Application for building permit
   153.053   Fees
   153.054   Building permit issued
   153.055   Expiration of building permit
   153.056   Building permit must be posted
   153.057   Certificate of occupancy
   153.058   Temporary structure permit required
   153.059   Requirements for temporary structures
   153.060   Exempt temporary structures
Construction Contractors
   153.075   License required for construction
   153.076   Application of chapter
   153.077   Application for contractor’s license
   153.078   Insurance and bond required for construction
   153.079   Contractor’s license fee
   153.080   Contractor’s license term and renewal
   153.081   Required inspections
   153.082   Notice and cost of inspections
Electrical Construction
   153.095   License required for electrical construction
   153.096   Application for electrical construction license
   153.097   Electrical construction license term and renewal
   153.098   Insurance and bond required for electrical construction
   153.099   Electrical construction fees
   153.100   Public liability not created
Plumbing Construction
   153.115   License required for plumbing construction
   153.116   Application for plumbing construction license
   153.117   Plumbing construction license term and renewal
   153.118   Insurance and bond required for plumbing construction
   153.119   Plumbing construction license fees
Building and Structure Movers
   153.130   License required for moving buildings or structures
   153.131   Application for license
   153.132   Bond and insurance required
   153.133   Fee
   153.134   Permit required before moving
   153.135   New building or mobile home
Public Excavations
   153.150   License required for excavators
   153.151   Application for excavator’s construction license
   153.152   Excavator’s license term and renewal
   153.153   Insurance and bond required for excavation
   153.154   Excavator’s license fee
   153.155   Permit required before each excavation
   153.156   Excavations near streets
   153.157   Obstruction of sewer pipes, manholes, water mains, or appurtenances
   153.158   Excavations must be refilled
   153.159   Failure to comply
   153.160   Non-applicable to utility companies
   153.161   Barricades, guards, lights, and the like required
Revocation of Licenses
   153.175   Authority to revoke license
   153.176   Revocation process
   153.190   Material requirements
   153.191   Height, setback, and construction requirements
   153.192   Permit required
   153.193   Application for permit
   153.194   Fee for permit
   153.195   Unsafe or hazardous fences
Erosion Control
   153.210   Purpose and application
   153.211   Grading permit required
   153.212   Application for grading permit
   153.213   Exceptions to permit requirement
   153.214   Fees
   153.215   Grading permit issued
   153.216   Expiration of grading permit
   153.217   Best management practices applicable to all land disturbances
   153.218   Erosion control plan (ECP) requirements
   153.219   Final stabilization generally
   153.220   Final stabilization for residential construction
   153.221   Final stabilization for agricultural purposes
   153.222   Additional requirements
   153.223   Stop work order
   153.999   Penalty
Editor’s Note:
   This chapter replaces the previous Title 2 and 26 in their entirety, effective 8-18-07, Ordinance 2007-20