(A)   Final stabilization shall be considered attained for all soil disturbing activities at a site when either of the following criteria has been met:
      (1)   A uniform (e.g., evenly disturbed, without large bare areas) perennial vegetation cover with a minimum density of 70% of the native background vegetation for the area has been established on all unpaved areas and areas not covered by a permanent structure; or
      (2)   Equivalent permanent stabilization measures, such as the use of riprap, retaining walls, geotextiles, or other approved methods, have been employed.
   (B)   When background native vegetation naturally covers less than 100% of the ground, the 70% coverage criteria is adjusted as follows: if native vegetation covers 50% of the ground, 70% of 50% (0.70 x 0.50 = 0.35) would require 35% total coverage for final stabilization. In an area where less vegetation is naturally found, less stabilization would be required.
   (C)   Any final stabilization must be completed within one year of certificate of occupancy, final inspection, or project completion, whichever occurs sooner.