(A)   Temporary structures, such as vending stands, reviewing stands, canopies, tents, awnings, fences, and miscellaneous structures may be erected in areas zoned highway service and general commercial, provided that a special temporary structure permit is obtained for each temporary structure. Said permit shall be issued by the Building Inspector or his or her designee for a period not to exceed 30 days per location. This 30-day time frame shall include set up and tear down time.
   (B)   For the purpose of this chapter, LOCATION shall be the site on which the temporary structure is first constructed or placed. A temporary structure may not be disassembled and reconstructed or moved to a different location on the same property or parcel of land, or an adjacent parcel of land, after an initial permit is issued for the structure.
   (C)   A temporary structure which is used for the purpose of a temporary office during a construction project or realty office in a new development shall be exempt from the following requirements. Also exempt from this section are temporary storage buildings used in conjunction with a permanent retail or wholesale business, provided that said structure meets the setback requirements for the zoning district in which it is placed. Also exempt are businesses which rent temporary storage buildings at one location to the general public.