78.01   Obstructional parking
   78.02   Manner of parking
   78.03   Limitations of stopping and parking
   78.04   Stopping and parking
   78.05   Loading and unloading
   78.06   All night parking; abandoned vehicles
   78.07   Parking on parade route
   78.08   Owner responsibility
   78.09   Parking of trucks, boats, trailers, and similar vehicles
   78.10   Leasing certain property to be used as parking spaces
Traffic Schedules
   78.21   Use of motor vehicles on Frankfort Avenue
   78.22   Use of motor vehicles on Shelbyville Road
   78.23   Use of city hall driveways
   78.24   Parking on Westport Road for Louisville and Nashville Railroad Company employees
   78.25   Use of motor vehicles on McArthur Drive
   78.26   Parking in a public alley
   78.27   Parking on Breckenridge Lane
   78.28   Parking on Dupont Circle, Dupont Road and Dutchman's Lane
   78.29   Parking on Primrose Drive
   78.30   Parking on Westport Road in unleased spaces
   78.31   Parking on Chenoweth Lane
   78.32   Parking on Bauer Avenue
   78.33   Parking on west side of Chenoweth Lane
   78.34   Parking on South Sherrin Avenue
   78.35   Parking on Westport Road between Clover Lane and Ridgeway Avenue
   78.36   Parking on Nanz Avenue
   78.37   Parking on Staebler Avenue between St. Matthews Avenue and Chenoweth Lane
   78.38   Parking on Kennison Avenue
   78.39   Parking of trucks, boats, trailers, campers, or buses
   78.40   Parking on Ridgeway Avenue
   78.41   Parking on Sears Avenue
   78.42   Parking on St. Matthews Avenue
   78.43   Parking restrictions in 300 block of Wallace Avenue
   78.44   Parking restrictions on Massie Avenue
   78.99   Penalty