The Council shall enact an ordinance in all cases specified by this Charter in accordance with the following requirements:
   (1)   An ordinance shall be read at not less than two meetings, regular or  special, which need not be consecutive, with at least one week intervening between each meeting;
   (2)    Before final passage, notice of such ordinance shall be published in a newspaper of general circulation in the City. Such notice shall state the following:
      A.    General title or titles of the ordinance.
      B.    The date, time and place of the proposed final vote on adoption.
      C.    The place or places within the Municipality where such proposed ordinance may be inspected by the public.
      D.    Said notice shall also advise that interested parties may appear at the  meeting and be heard with respect to the proposed ordinance.
A reasonable number of copies of the proposed ordinance shall be kept at such place or places as mentioned in such notice and be made available for public inspection.
   (3)     An ordinance shall not be finally passed until after ten days have elapsed after the date of publication of the aforementioned notice and persons interested have been given an opportunity to attend a meeting of the Council and be heard with respect to the ordinance.
   (4)    An ordinance shall not be materially amended at the same meeting at which it is finally passed. If materially amended after publication of the aforementioned notice, notice as to the intended passage of such ordinance shall be republished and considered as though publication of such notice had not taken place. The Council may enact an ordinance under suspension of the rules prescribed by this section only in the case of a pressing emergency making a procedure in accordance with this section dangerous to the public health, safety, or morals, and by the affirmative vote of two-thirds of all of the members of the Council. The nature of the emergency shall be set out in full in the ordinance.