Nominations for the office of Mayor shall be made by certificate of candidacy supported by a petition addressed to Council and signed by a minimum of 50 registered voters in the City. Nomination for the office of City Councilman (woman) at large shall be made by certificate of candidacy supported by a petition addressed to Council and signed by a minimum of 50 registered voters residing in the City; and Nominations for the office of City Councilman (woman) shall be made by certificate of candidacy by a minimum of 20 registered voters residing in the ward from which the candidate for City Council seeks election. Such certificates for nomination shall be filed with the City Clerk upon forms provided by the City, and shall be verified by the person so nominated. All such nominating petitions shall be examined by Council and, if found to be bona fide, in proper form and signed by the required number of registered voters, the persons so nominated shall be certified as candidates for the particular offices sought.
   Any qualified person may become a candidate for any office in the primary election by, filing therefor with the Clerk of the City of St. Albans their certificate of candidacy between January 5 and January 23 during regular business hours of the Clerk during the year of the primary election and by paying to said Clerk such filing fee as may be set by Council. Any person filing a certificate of candidacy and wishes to withdraw and decline to serve as a candidate for office shall file with the City Clerk a signed and notarized statement of withdrawal on a form provided by the City Clerk. If the notarized statement of withdrawal is received by the proper officer by not later than the third Tuesday following the close of the candidate filing period then the candidate(s) withdrawal is final and his or her name shall not be certified as a candidate nor printed on any ballot. If a candidate files a notarized statement of withdrawal after said deadline, the candidate shall not be withdrawn and the candidate(s) name(s) shall remain on the ballot.
   The certificate of candidacy shall be in substantially the following form: 
     "State of West Virginia, County of Kanawha, to-wit:
       "I,            , being first duly sworn (write name as you wish it to appear on ballot) say that I reside at                                    _____________ Street, in the    Ward of the City of St. Albans, County of Kanawha, State of West Virginia, that at the date of the forthcoming election I am a qualified voter therein, (and if a candidate for Ward Councilman (woman), I reside in the same Ward ) that I am a candidate for nomination to the office of [Mayor, Councilman (woman) for the         Ward or Councilman (woman) at Large], to be voted for at the nonpartisan election to be held on the date of County-State primary elections administered by the Clerk of the County Commission of Kanawha County, West Virginia in May of         , and I hereby request that my name be printed upon ballot for said office at such non-partisan election for such office. In support of this Certificate, witness the requisite signatures of registered voters below, which I do verily verify are registered voters in the City, and if the office is for Ward Councilman (woman) are registered voters residing in my Ward."
     "Subscribed and sworn to (or affirmed) before me by                       on this         day of             , 20    ."
     Any certificate of candidacy filed by mail must be postmarked no later than January 23, and received not later than January 25, in the office of the City Clerk.
(Ord. 2016-25.  Passed 12-19-16.)