The officers of the City shall be a Mayor and a Council of twelve members. The City shall also have as employees, but not as officers, an Attorney, Police Judge, Chief of Police, Chief of the Fire Department, Health Commissioner and Engineer. The Mayor and Councilmen shall be elected by the qualified voters of the City as hereinafter provided for terms of four years, or until their successors are elected or appointed, and qualify. The Mayor shall be the administrative authority, and he shall appoint the Clerk, Treasurer, Attorney, Police Judge, Chief of Police, Health Commissioner and Engineer, subject to approval of the Council. The Clerk, Treasurer, Police Judge, Chief of Police, Health Commissioner and Engineer may, upon the order of the Mayor, employ and discharge all employees in the respective divisions of the City government. Should the Council fail to approve any appointment by the Mayor at the next regular Council meeting following the appointment, the officer so appointed shall receive no compensation for his services thereafter, and the office shall be automatically vacated. Should the Mayor fail or refuse to appoint a suitable person to any office, and such failure or refusal continue for two consecutive regular Council meetings, the Council may, at the third meeting, fill the office without the approval of the Mayor.
(4-4-77; 6-6-77)