The Council may, by ordinance, adopted by the affirmative vote of two-thirds of all of the members, establish a Board of Library Directors for the City, the members of which shall be chosen, and the powers and duties of which shall be as set out in the Code of West Virginia, 1931, Chapter 10, Article 1.  At the time of establishing the Board, the Council shall determine whether it desires to create the Board under the provisions of the said statute, as set out at the date of the adoption of this Charter, or whether it desires to accept any or all of the amendments to the Code or other statutes, hereinafter made, concerning such Board.  Subsequent amendments to the said statutes concerning such Board shall not affect any board established hereunder until and unless such amendments are adopted and accepted by the Council.  The Council shall, by a vote similar to that creating the Board, have the power to abolish the Board.  In such event, the terms of its members shall be terminated, the property belonging to the Board shall become the property of the City, and the powers and duties thereof shall pass to such person or board as the Council may designate.