The Council shall be the governing body of the City, and all of the corporate powers of the City shall be invested in and exercised by the Council, unless herein otherwise stated, or delegated by ordinance. The Mayor shall be the presiding officer at all meetings of the Council; in the event of his absence, the Vice-Mayor, hereinafter provided for, shall be the presiding officer. In the event of the absence of both the Mayor and Vice-Mayor, the Council shall, at each meeting, select one of its members to preside over its meeting. The Mayor, Vice-Mayor or other presiding officer shall have the right to vote only in the case of a tie vote. A majority vote of those present at any meeting of the Council shall be decisive, except where a different vote is provided herein.
   At the first meeting of the Council following its election, it shall choose, from among its members a Vice-Mayor, who shall have a vote as any other Councilman, unless he is acting as the presiding officer, and whose duties are herein set out. He shall serve as Vice-Mayor for the remainder of his term as Councilman, unless he resigns or be removed from office.