Art. I.   In General, §§ 15A-1—15A-20
   Art. II.   Procedure, §§ 15A-22—15A-40
   Art. III.   Requirements for Documents to Be Submitted, §§ 15A-41—15A-60
   Art. IV.   Variances, §§ 15A41—15A-80
   Art. V.   General Requirements and Minimum Standards of Design and Development, §§ 15A-81—15A-97
   *Editor's note—Ord. No. 914, § 1, adopted Feb. 19, 2002, repealed former Ch. 15, in its entirety, which pertained to subdivisions. Section 2 of said ordinance enacted provisions to be designated as a new Ch. 15A. See the Code Comparative Table for a detailed analysis of inclusion.
   Note—The extraterritorial jurisdiction of the city adopted in ordinance number 507 on June 7, 1982 as amended is on file in the office of the finance officer.
   Cross references—Consuming, blending, possessing, alcoholic beverages in public places prohibited and the disposal of containers containing alcoholic beverages restricted, § 4-17; animals, Ch. 5; keeping of fowl, rabbits, etc., restricted, § 5-6; buildings and building regulations, Ch. 6; barbed wire and electrified fences prohibited, § 6-1; uniform abatement of dangerous buildings code adopted, § 6-31; pole buildings prohibited in certain areas, § 6-32; numbering of buildings, § 6-76 et seq.; fire protection and prevention, Ch. 7; burning of trash, leaves and any other material or product prohibited, § 7-1; fire prevention code adopted, § 7-46; routes established for vehicles transporting houses and chemicals, § 7-51 et seq.; fire lanes established by the fire chief and chief of police, § 7-52; flood prevention and protection, Ch. 8; development permit required, § 8-31; flood protection and prevention requirements in subdivision proposals, § 8-55; health, sanitation and nuisances, Ch. 9; peddlers' regulations, § 10-196 et seq.; solid waste, Ch. 13; streets, sidewalks and other public places, Ch. 14; parks and recreation areas, § 14-251 et seq.; traffic and vehicles, Ch. 17; abandoned vehicles, § 17-501 et seq.; vegetation, Ch. 19; zoning, App. A; utilities, Ch. 18; building sewers and sanitary sewer system connection requirements, § 18-131 et seq.; trees on private property, § 19-73 et seq.; sign regulations, App. A, Art. V, § 6.