Art. I.   Title, Purpose and Jurisdiction, §§ 1—3
   Art. II.   Definitions
   Art. III.   Zoning Districts and Map, §§ 1—3
   Art. IV.   District Regulations, §§ 1a—16
   Art. V.   Supplementary Regulations, §§ 1—8, 10
   Art. VI.   Administration and Enforcement, §§ 1—17
   *Editor's noteOrd. No. 969, adopted Aug. 18, 2003, repealed Ord. No. 770, adopted May 1, 1996, and enacted a new zoning ordinance as set forth herein. See Code Comparative Table.
   Editor's notePrinted herein is the Zoning Ordinance for Spearfish, South Dakota, as adopted by the common council on Aug. 18, 2003. Obvious misspellings and punctuation errors have been corrected without notation. For stylistic purposes, headings and catchlines have been made uniform and the same system of capitalization, citation to state statutes, and expression of numbers in text as appears in the Code of Ordinances has been used. Additions made for clarity are indicated by brackets. Appendix A, regarding area regulations, and Appendix B, off-street parking illustrations, are available in the office of the city planning and zoning department.
   Cross referencesAdvertising, Ch. 3; distribution of handbills, § 3-26 et seq.; alcoholic beverages, Ch. 4; consuming, blending, possessing, alcoholic beverages in public places prohibited and the disposal of containers containing alcoholic beverages restricted, § 4-17; area where on-sale or off-sale licenses to sell any alcoholic beverages, § 4-6; animals, Ch. 5; keeping of fowl, rabbits, etc., restricted, § 5-6; buildings and building regulations, Ch. 6; barbed wire and electrified fences prohibited, § 6-1; building permit fees, § 6-29; uniform abatement of dangerous buildings code adopted, § 6-31; pole buildings prohibited in certain areas, § 6-32; numbering of buildings, § 6-76 et seq.; fire protection and prevention, Ch. 7; burning of trash, leaves and any other material or product prohibited, § 7-1; sell or discharge of fireworks prohibited, § 7-3; fire prevention code adopted, § 7-46; storage of explosives, blasting agents, etc., restricted, § 7-49; routes for vehicles transporting explosives, § 7-50; fire lanes established by the fire chief and chief of police, § 7-52; routes established for vehicles transporting houses and chemicals, § 7-51 et seq.; flood prevention and protection, Ch. 8; development permit required, § 8-31; health, sanitation and nuisances, Ch. 9; licenses, permits and business regulations, Ch. 10; peddlers' regulations, § 10-196 et seq.; solid waste, Ch. 13; streets, sidewalks and other public places, Ch. 14; parks and recreation areas, § 14-251 et seq.; subdivisions, Ch. 15; traffic and vehicles, Ch. 17; abandoned vehicles, § 17-501 et seq.; utilities, Ch. 18; vegetation, Ch. 19; trees, § 19-26 et seq.