Sec. 6-1. Barbed wire or electrified fences.
   It shall be unlawful for any person to use barbed wire or electrified fences for the purpose of enclosing, in whole or part, any lots or parts of lots or parcels of ground in any residential district. In commercial and industrial districts the use of barbed wire security fences is permitted provided that the barbed wire is located a minimum of eight (8) feet from the ground. In the AG (agricultural conservation) zoning district, barbed wire fencing may be permitted upon request and administrative review by the zoning administrator after consideration of its location with respect to adjacent land uses. If, in the judgment of the zoning administrator, a public safety hazard is at issue or if the fence is proposed to be placed adjacent to a residential district, the request shall be acted upon by the common council.
(Code 1982, § 22-204; Ord. No. 725, 7-6-92; Ord. No. 1126, 10-10-4-10; Ord. No. 1298, 2-4-19)
   Cross references Health, sanitation and nuisances, Ch. 9; nuisances, § 9-26 et seq.; licenses, permits and business regulations, Ch. 10; mobile homes and mobile home parks, Ch. 12; subdivisions, Ch. 15A; zoning, App. A. Secs. 6-2-6-25.