Sec. 19-73.  Trees on private property.
   (a)   The city shall have the right to inspect and remove or cause to be removed any dead or diseased tree on private property if such trees constitute a hazard or harbor pests harmful to other trees. The forester shall notify the owners of such trees, in writing, to remove the same. In the event the owner shall fail to do so or make suitable arrangements for doing so within ten (10) days of such notice, the city may remove the trees and charge the cost of removal to the owners or levy the same as an assessment against the property.
   (b)   Any person claiming an interest in any tree ordered to be removed may appeal such order to the board within seven (7) days from the date of the order subject to the limitations in section 19-74.
(Ord. No. 541, § 9-111, 5-16-83; Ord. No. 607, § 9-109, 1-19-87)
   Cross references—Buildings and building regulations, Ch. 6; mobile homes and mobile home parks, Ch. 12; subdivisions, Ch. 15; zoning, supplementary district regulations, App. A, Art. V.