(a)   Purpose. The alternative site plan is to allow, in appropriate circumstances, for up to zero foot front yards for RE2 forms. The purpose is to maintain or improve the streetcar development style along appropriate street corridors.
   (b)   Standards. The following standards must be included within the alternative site plan.
      (1)   When the sidewalk is attached to the street and the building is adjacent to the sidewalk, the sidewalk must be at least 12 feet in width.
      (2)   Include appropriate street furniture to help develop a pedestrian-oriented entrance.
      (3)   When the building is adjacent to the sidewalk, but not adjacent to a street, the sidewalk must be at least eight feet in width.
      (4)   Front doors adjacent to attached sidewalks must be recessed.
      (5)   Thirty percent square footage of the façade must be windows or 20% windows and 10% articulated façade.
      (6)   No parking is allowed in the areas designated on the plan for pedestrians.
      (7)   Streetcar alternative plans shall provide the same level of landscaping as generally required by each form regulations, but allowed to do so in different locations on the parcel.
      (8)   Street car alternative plans shall also adhere to all standards of alterative landscape and buffer yard plans (§ 160.599).
(Ord. 9-13, passed 3-19-2013)