If a provider’s registration has been revoked, the provider must wait at least one year to reapply to be a registered day care provider within the city. If a provider then reapplies to be registered, the provider must submit a plan to the public health director within 20 days of reapplication setting forth both the reason(s) for the revocation and the step(s) the provider has taken to resolve the issue(s) that led to the revocation. The provider also must submit, simultaneously with the reapplication, documentation and/or evidence that substantiates good cause for granting reregistration. The director has broad authority to require the submission of documentation and/or evidence, to require that the provider undergo additional training, and to require the provider to follow any other course of action or satisfy any reasonable conditions deemed by the director to improve the safety of children in the provider’s care. The director may deny the request for reregistration if it is determined that the provider has failed to establish good cause to grant the reapplication or that additional conditions and requirements placed on the provider will not adequately protect a child or children in the provider’s care.
(Ord. 28-12, passed 4-9-2012)