(a)   The teacher of any school, college, university or Sunday school having under his or her care any pupil who appears to be affected with any communicable disease shall promptly send the pupil home or separate him or her from other pupils until examined by a physician, and the pupil shall not be readmitted to school without the permission of the health officer.
   (b)   If any of the quarantinable diseases or those subject to isolation are present, the health officer may cause to be examined any pupils, teachers or other persons employed in the schools and may take any measures necessary to prevent the spread of disease. All school authorities and employees shall conform to all rules and regulations of the health department for the accomplishment of this end.
   (c)   The health officer shall immediately inform the school authorities of the presence of cases of communicable diseases in any of the schools.
(1957 Rev. Ords., § 7.409; 1992 Code, § 19-90)