Whenever the health authority shall have determined that there is danger of the existence or spread of rabies in the city, he or she shall make the facts known to the mayor in writing. The mayor, upon receipt of the facts, may, by proclamation in the interest of public safety and general welfare of the citizenry, order all animals muzzled when off the premises of the owner. Forty-eight hours after the publication of the proclamation, all animals found off the premises of the owner unmuzzled shall be seized and impounded or may be immediately destroyed if all reasonable efforts to seize the animals fail. All animals seized and impounded shall be held for observation for ten days, and if cleared by a licensed veterinarian, may be claimed by the owner and the owner must pay the expenses incidental thereto. Any animal not claimed may be disposed of pursuant to the provisions of this subchapter.
(1992 Code, § 7-30) (Ord. 21-75, passed 4-7-1975)