In time of national emergency an employee or officer of the city may be granted leave of absence in the discretion of the department head to permit him or her to engage in work for the United States which may reasonably and fairly be defined as aiding in the national defense of the United States. The leave of absence, if granted by the department head, shall be for a period of time as may be necessary to permit the employee or officer to complete the service for the United States government, together with any additional time, not exceeding 90 days, as may be reasonably necessary to enable the employee or officer to resume his or her duties with the city; but the leave of absence may only be granted upon written request of the government of the United States or any of its authorized agencies.
(1957 Rev. Ords., § 3.203; 1992 Code, § 30-131)  (Ord. 87-91, passed 11-25-1991; Ord. 37-95, passed 3-6-1995)