(a)   Department heads may approve a maximum of 14 consecutive calendar days for an unpaid leave of absence. Requests for unpaid leaves of absence for a duration longer than 14 consecutive calendar days shall require the approval of the mayor or his or her designee. No leave of absence, whether granted, extended, or continued shall exceed one year except as otherwise provided in this subchapter. Requests for unpaid leave will only be considered if the employee has used all available pay time including but not limited to vacation, personal leave and compensatory leave. Time off without pay, without requiring the employee to first use all available paid leave time, will be permitted only where specifically noted in this subchapter.
   (b)   Leave of absence without pay from duties shall in no case be granted to an employee who has been in the service of the city for less than 12 months, including time on probation, immediately preceding his or her time of leave, except in the case of absence on the grounds of sickness, disability, military leave or family/medical leave as set forth in this subchapter, or urgent necessity.
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