(a)   The mayor and every officer and civil service employee is eligible for holiday leave. An employee shall not be paid holiday pay for holidays which occur during an approved, unpaid leave of absence. If a holiday immediately precedes or follows the approved unpaid leave of absence, the employee must work or be on authorized paid leave the regularly scheduled work day preceding or following the holiday to be paid for that holiday.
   (b)   Regular part-time employees shall earn holiday pay prorated according to paid regular hours in the preceding year in comparison to holidays granted to regular full-time employees. In the first year of part-time status, an employee’s holiday pay will be prorated based on their regular work schedule.
(1957 Rev. Ords., § 2.223; 1992 Code, § 30-125)  (Ord. 2669, passed 3-3-1970; Ord. 87-91, passed 11-25-1991; Ord. 37-95, passed 3-6-1995)