(a)   (1)   Holidays shall mean days in which the mayor, appointive officers and regular employees not represented by a collective bargaining unit, excluding uniformed nonmanagement fire department employees, of the city, whose services are not essential on holidays, are permitted to absent themselves from work with pay. The following are official holidays of the city:
New Year’s Day
January 1
Martin Luther King Jr. Day
3rd Monday in January
President’s Day
3rd Monday in February
Memorial Day
Last Monday in May
Juneteenth Day
June 19
Independence Day
July Fourth
Labor Day
1st Monday in September
Native American’s Day
2nd Monday in October
Veterans’ Day
November 11
Thanksgiving Day
4th Thursday in November
Christmas Day
December 25
      (2)   When an official holiday falls on Sunday, the following Monday shall be designated as a substitute holiday and observed as an official holiday. When an official holiday falls on Saturday, the preceding Friday shall be designated as a substitute holiday and observed as an official holiday.
   (b)   Employees are eligible for holiday pay from their first day of employment. Unless otherwise provided, employees shall receive eight hours pay for the day on which a designated holiday is observed.
   (c)   Shift fire management employees and shift police lieutenant employees shall be granted annually an equal number of additional shifts off as there are legal holidays recognized by the city. Holiday leave for terminating employees and employees on an approved unpaid leave of absence shall be prorated according to the number of official holidays having occurred as of the employees’ separation date.
   (d)   Classified employees shall be paid at guaranteed overtime rate of two times the employee’s regular base hourly rate for all hours worked on Thanksgiving and Christmas.
   (e)   Upon discharge, resignation in good standing, retirement or death, holiday leave not used shall not be compensated for in cash nor shall the date of separation be extended through the use of unused holiday leave.
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