The service pipe within and without the premises and through its entire length to the tap in the city water main, together with the stopcock and box must be laid, kept in repair and protected from freezing at the expense of the owner, who shall be responsible for all damages resulting from leaks and breaks. No claims shall be made against the city on account of the breaking of any service pipes or apparatus or for the failure in supply of water. When there is a leak in the street and it is doubtful whether the water is from a break in the city main or from a private service pipe, employees of the public works department shall determine which it is from. If the leak is found to be from the main the public works department will make all repairs, but if it is from the service pipe, the owner of the property or agent will be notified and must immediately take charge of the excavation, repair the leak, replace the street and be responsible for all damages which may result. In case the agent or owner does not make repairs at once, the public works department will proceed, and all bills for labor and materials will become a charge against said property and shall be collected from the owner or agent. In the event such bill is not paid, the enforcement of payment thereof will be performed in the same manner as the payment of bills for water rental. (Ord. 354, 2-21-1984)