Each application for extension of the water service area shall be made in writing to the director of public works. Such application shall be signed by one hundred percent (100%) of the owners of record of the property under consideration for inclusion in the water service area and shall contain the following:
   A.   A waiver of protest to the creation of any future special improvement district for installation of water and sanitary sewer service.
   B.   An agreement to fully comply with all rules, regulations, resolutions, ordinances and laws governing the providing of water and wastewater service by the city as the same then are or as they may be lawfully changed to from time to time.
   C.   Agree to begin construction of the necessary water and/or wastewater system facilities at a time to be determined by the city council, which time shall be dependent upon the size of the area to be served, the type of financing to be used and any other special conditions existing at the time of application.
   D.   Agree to cooperate fully with the city to the end that the water and wastewater system facilities can be completed in the most cost effective and time effective manner.
Under no circumstances shall the city council grant approval to any applicant for enlargement of the water service area which would include property in the water service area that is beyond the service capabilities of the water supply system of the city.
The public works director, in his recommendations and comments to be submitted to the city council, shall address each of the aforementioned conditions and specifically set forth in writing whether or not the application under consideration fully complies, partially complies, or fails to comply with said conditions. (Ord. 354, 2-21-1984)