It shall be unlawful and considered a misdemeanor for any person to perform any of the following acts:
   A.   To extend either directly or indirectly or cause to be extended any portion of the water supply system without first obtaining in writing the necessary approvals and paying any appropriate fees as required and set forth herein in this chapter.
   B.   With intent to injure or defraud, to break or deface seal on any meter.
   C.   With intent to injure or defraud, to obstruct, alter, injure or prevent the action of any meter or other instrument used to measure or register the quantity of water supplied to a consumer thereof.
   D.   To make any connection by means of a pipe or otherwise with any main or pipe used for delivery of water to a consumer thereof in such manner as to take water from said main or pipe without its passage through the meter or other instruments provided for registering the amount or quantity consumed or use any water so obtained.
   E.   To prevent by the erection of any device or construction, or by any other means free access to any meter or other instrument for registering or measuring the amount of water consumed or to interfere with, obstruct or prevent by any means the reading or inspection of such meter or instrument by any of the employees of the department of public works.
   F.   To open, close, turn or interfere with or attach to or connect with any fire hydrant main, curb cock or valve without permission from the department of public works, or to disturb or damage any pipe, machinery, tools or other property of the department of public works, or to deface or injure any buildings belonging to or connected with said water system.
   G.   To throw or deposit any substance into any reservoir or water main. (Ord. 354, 2-21-1984)