An extension of the water supply system shall be properly and satisfactorily pressure tested, flushed and disinfected by the person constructing such an extension in accordance with the approved contract documents for said extension prior to acceptance of the extension in question by the public works director. All costs of performing such testing, flushing and disinfecting shall be borne by and at the expense of the persons requesting the extension involved. Upon completion of the installation of the water extension project and after the extended water supply system facilities have passed the required testing set forth in the contract documents and as stated in this chapter, the professional engineer in charge of the water extension project shall notify the public works director and the city engineer in writing that the project is ready for final inspection by the city. In turn, once the final inspection has passed the city's approval, the public works director shall notify in writing the professional engineer and the city engineer that the facilities have so passed said final inspection. (Ord. 354, 2-21-1984)