Applications for introduction of water service to serve previously unserved property shall be subject to all applicable provisions, requirements and conditions stated in this chapter for extensions to the water supply system. A separate application shall be required for each lot unless it appears that only one residence or other structure can be constructed on multiple lots. Subject to all the requirements and conditions set forth in this chapter, the public works director is hereby authorized to grant approval to such service applications. All such approvals granted by the public works director shall be in writing and made in a nondiscriminatory manner. He shall further be responsible for maintaining a permanent file of such applications and approvals. If the construction of the service line and connection to the city's water supply system has not been commenced with a period of two (2) years from the date of approval of the application, such approval shall automatically be deemed void and no longer in force and effect.
It shall be a further condition of any application for individual service that the applicant grant permission to agents of the city to go upon the property to be served for the purpose of reading the meter or for the purpose of shutting off the water in the event of noncompliance with the rules and regulations of this chapter. (Ord. 354, 2-21-1984)