Tax Collection
   33.001   Intent
   33.002   Modification
   33.003   County Clerk's office; responsibilities
   33.004   Assessor's office; duties
   33.005   Three-part change form procedure
   33.006   Required reports
   33.007   Tax system processing guidelines
   33.008   Management process; outline of records
Purchasing Procedures
   33.020   Purpose
   33.021   Purchases greater than $5,000; informal quotations
   33.022   Purchases of $2,500 or greater; soliciting assistance; form
   33.023   Purchases in the capital purchase line item of county budget; purchase order
   33.024   Inventory
   33.025   Computer equipment inventory
   33.026   Invoices
   33.027   Application
   33.028   Purchasing policies for procurement of Homeland Security training
Federal and State Grant Accounts for HUD, Housing Program
   33.040   Purpose
   33.041   County Treasurer; responsibility
Enhanced 9-1-1 Emergency Telephone System; Tariff Rates and Service Charges
   33.055   Approval by public
   33.056   Basis for rate
   33.057   Service charge
   33.058   Revenue collected; billing
   33.070   Sheriff's Office Communications Facility and Equipment Fund
   33.071   Radio Equipment Repair And Replacement Fund; Jail Medical Expenses Fund
   33.072   Prosecutor's Victim/Witness Fund
   33.073   Fund for the Defense of Indigents
   33.074   Jail Expenses and Support Fund
   33.075   Court Automation Fund; installment fees
   33.076   County Collector’s Automation Fund
   33.077   Additional Motor Fuel Tax Fund
Fees and Fines; Collection
   33.085   Criminal cases; filing fee and cost
   33.086   Hot check cases; processing and prosecuting fees
   33.087   Fines assessed upon defendants in courts
   33.088   Allocation of expenses and costs for certain county offices and departments
   33.089   Ambulance service and fees
   33.090   Housing jail detainees; rates
   33.091   Marriage license; fee
   33.092   Monthly adult probation administrative cost
   33.093   Fees for Public Defender's Office
   33.094   Fee for electronic monitoring
   33.095   Drug Court cost
Personal and Real Estate Assessment Records; Verification Procedure
   33.105   Responsibility
   33.106   Intent; designation of responsibility
   33.107   Intent; establishment of standard operating procedures
   33.108   Verification against proof