50.01   Ownership
   50.02   Application for permit
   50.03   Mandatory hookup
   50.04   Unlawful waste disposal
   50.05   Licensed plumber
   50.06   Installation procedure
   50.07   Installation expense
   50.08   Repairs and maintenance
   50.09   Fees and collections
   50.10   Classification
   50.11   Service contracts
   50.12   Special equipment
   50.13   Manholes
   50.14   Inspections
   50.15   Roof drainage
   50.16   Air conditioning
   50.17   Improper use
   50.18   Connection required; notice
   50.19   Connection permit required
   50.20   Authority to assess sewer charges
   50.21   Sewer rates
   50.22   Collection of sewer charges
   50.23   Discontinuance of service; notice; contents
   50.24   Use of revenue
   50.25   Review of rates
   50.26   Sewer layer’s license
   50.27   Notification of rates
   50.28   Definition of terms
   50.29   Public sewers required; unlawful discharge of untreated sewage
   50.30   Discharge of storm water and other unpolluted waters
   50.31   Hazardous and prohibited discharges; flammable, toxic, corrosive, and obstructive substances; preliminary treatment
   50.32   Hazardous and prohibited discharges; specific prohibitions as determined by Superintendent
   50.33   Discharge of hazardous and prohibited substances; rejection, pretreatment, control of discharge rate or use fee surcharge
   50.34   Grease, oil, and sand interceptors; when required
   50.35   Preliminary treatment or flow equalizing facilities; maintenance by owner
   50.36   Sampling stations; when required; installation and maintenance
   50.37   Sampling of waters and wastes; method
   50.38   Hazardous and prohibited substances; special exceptions permitted; use fee surcharge
   50.39   Unauthorized damaging of equipment; unlawful
   50.40   Right of entry; authority of City Engineer and Utilities Superintendent
   50.41   Private sewage disposal systems
   50.42   City Engineer and Utilities Superintendent relieved from personal liability
   50.43   Hearing Board
   50.44   Extension of existing sewer lines; fees
   50.99   Penalty