§ 50.21 SEWER RATES.
   (A)   Each user shall pay for the services provided by the city based on his or her use of the treatment works as determined by the water meter acceptable to the city. Residential users who do not use the city water and do not have a water meter shall be charged a flat rate. These users may pay for the installation of a water meter acceptable to the city and they will be charged for their water use based upon their actual use. Commercial and industrial users not on the city water system shall be required to install a water or wastewater meter acceptable to the city, when it is deemed necessary by the Board of Public Works.
   (B)   For residential contributors, monthly user charges will be based on average water usage during the winter months. If a residential contributor has not established a winter water use average, his or her monthly user charge shall be the median charge of all other residential contributors. For industrial and commercial contributors, user charges shall be based on water used during the current billing period. If a commercial or industrial contributor has a consumption use of water, or in some other manner uses water which is not returned to the wastewater collection system, the user charge for that contributor may be based on the wastewater meter(s) or separate water meter(s) installed and maintained at the contributor’s expense, and in a manner acceptable to the city.
   (C)   For those contributors who contribute wastewater, the strength of which is greater than normal domestic sewage, a surcharge in addition to the normal user charge will be collected.
   (D)   Any user which discharges any toxic pollutants which cause an increase in the cost of managing the effluent of the sludge from the city’s treatment works, or any user which discharges any substance which singly or by interaction with other substances causes identifiable increases in the cost of operation, maintenance, or replacement of the treatment works, shall pay for the increased costs. The charge to each such user shall be as determined by the responsible plant operation personnel and approved by the Board of Public Works.
   (E)   The user charge rates established by this chapter apply to all users, regardless of their location, of the city’s treatment works. All users of the sewers systems of the city agree to and shall be bound by the applicable ordinances irrespective of such user location being within or outside the corporate limits of the city.
(1972 Code, § 3-521) (Ord. 640, passed 5-20-1980)