The Board of Public Works has the power and authority to fix the rates to be paid by the customers of the Sewer Department. All the fees shall be on file for public inspection at the office of the Municipal Clerk and at the office of the Utilities Superintendent. The Utilities Superintendent shall have the duty of collecting the rental fees of the customers of the Sewer Department monthly on the first day of each month. If a customer shall for any reason order the service discontinued or shall remove himself or herself from the premises, the amount due under the terms of this chapter, together with any rental fees and charges in arrears, shall be considered as a delinquent sewer rental which is hereby declared to be a lien upon the premise or real estate for which or from which the sewer was used or supplied, and upon the refusal of the customer to pay the delinquent sewer rental, it shall be collected by being placed upon the assessment roll and tax books for collection. If the consumer shall neglect or refuse to pay his or her bill on or before the tenth day of the succeeding month after notice sewer service is used, it shall be considered delinquent, and if not paid within seven days thereafter, the sewer service will be turned off after seven-days’ notice by mail to the subscriber, and not turned on again until all back fees and charges are paid, including any penalty charges which the Board of Public Works may by resolution, prescribe; provided, that if the delinquent customer is a known welfare recipient, it shall be the duty of the Utilities Superintendent to notify the customer and the County Welfare Department by certified mail of the proposed termination.
(1972 Code, § 3-509) (Ord. 515, passed 9-17-1974)