§ 50.01 OWNERSHIP.
   The municipality owns the municipal sewer system and operates the same through the Utilities Superintendent. The Governing Body, for the purpose of defraying the cost of the management and maintenance of the municipal sewer system, may each year levy a tax not exceeding the maximum limit prescribed by state law on the actual valuation of all real estate and personal property within the corporate limits that is subject to taxation. The revenue from the tax shall be known as the Sewer Maintenance Fund. The official in charge of sewers shall have the direct management and control of the Sewer Department and shall faithfully carry out the duties of his or her office. The Board of Public Works shall have the authority to adopt rules and regulations for the sanitary and efficient management of the Department subject to the supervision and review of the Governing Body.
(1972 Code, § 3-501)
Statutory reference:
   Municipal utilities; rates, service, regulation, see Neb. RS 16-681
   Sewers, see Neb. RS 16-667 et seq.