The Clerk, upon receipt of $5 and a satisfactory surety company, or other Clerk approved bond in the sum of $2,000, shall issue a license to any person recommended by the Inspector, with the approval of the Mayor and Council, for the laying of sewer connections from the public sewers in the streets or alleys to a point of not less than four feet outside of any building in the city. This license shall cover all excavation in the streets or alleys, the tearing up of any pavements necessary, making connection to the sewer, laying of sewer pipe connections, and backfilling of trenches, as prescribed in the Plumbing Code. A sewer layer, so licensed, shall be permitted to take out all required permits for the foregoing work, and shall pay all required inspection fees, as provided in § 50.19. Nothing in this section shall be construed as permitting a licensed sewer layer to do any work within any building or within four feet therefrom, nor to make any connections to the water mains, or lay any water pipe service to any properties within the city. The bond herein mentioned shall protect the city from all damages, claims, or actions resulting from or arising out of any work or negligence upon the part of the sewer layer or any of his or her employees.
(1972 Code, § 3-526) (Ord. 640, passed 5-20-1980)