Construction of Sewers
   51.001   Purpose
   51.002   Public Sewer Extension and Connection Trust Fund
   51.003   Application for extension to sewer system
   51.004   Preparation and approval of cost distribution; written statement of applicant
   51.005   Excess or deficiencies in cash deposits
   51.006   Preparation and filing of benefit map
   51.007   Payment required before connection
   51.008   Contributions of owners of private sewer lines receiving benefits from extensions
   51.009   Refunds
   51.010   Termination
Sewer Connections
   51.020   Compliance required
   51.021   Construction standards
   51.022   Connection fee
   51.023   Annexation fee
   51.024   Extension of sewer at applicant's expense when property not adjacent to public sewer
   51.025   Title to materials to vest in city after acceptance of work by Council
   51.026   Refunds to person installing sewer extension
Wastewater Disposal
Part 1. General Provisions
   51.035   Purpose
   51.036   Policy
   51.037   Definitions
Part 2. Administration of System
   51.050   Administration and enforcement
   51.051   Administrative regulations
   51.052   Inspection and sampling
   51.053   Connections to mains to be maintained by owner
   51.054   Availability of facilities; restriction of discharge rate
   51.055   Sewer maintenance expense
   51.056   Damage to city's sewer system; creation of other liability
   51.057   Confidential information
   51.058   Right of administrative review
   51.059   Time for administrative review
   51.060   Commencement of administrative review
   51.061   Administrative review
   51.062   City Council appeal
   51.063   Public notification
Part 3. Wastewater Discharged Into City Sewer System
   51.075   Wastewater discharge policy
   51.076   Specific discharge prohibitions
   51.077   Specific discharge limitations for industrial users
   51.078   Limitations on the use of garbage grinders
   51.079   Variance from specific discharge limitations
   51.080   Dilution of discharge
   51.081   State requirements
   51.082   Federal requirements
   51.083   Right of revision
Part 4. Pretreatment Requirements
   51.095   Regulatory actions
   51.096   Pretreatment facilities and operation
   51.097   Prevention of accidental discharge
   51.098   Discharges of wastes or wastewater into the city's sewer system from vehicles
   51.099   Grease interceptors and gravity separating devices
   51.100   Maintenance of grease interceptors and gravity separating devices
Part 5. Industrial Wastewater Discharge Permit System
   51.110   Industrial wastewater discharge permits
   51.111   Permit application
   51.112   Permit conditions
   51.113   Compliance schedules
   51.114   Duration and revision of permits
   51.115   Transfer of permit
   51.116   Violation of permit
   51.117   Suspension of permit
   51.118   Revocation of permit
   51.119   Notification of the discharge of hazardous waste
Part 6. Industrial Wastewater Monitoring and Reporting
   51.130   Records and monitoring
   51.131   Sampling well
   51.132   Sampling and analysis
   51.133   Self-monitoring reports
   51.134   Report of changed conditions
   51.135   Publication of users in significant non-compliance
Part 7. Fees, Charges and Computations
   51.145   Schedule of charges
   51.146   Estimated quantities and values
   51.147   Specific fees
   51.148   Determination of total flow
   51.149   Charges for unusual or excessive strength wastewaters
   51.150   Low-income senior rate
Part 8. Special Restrictions as to Discharges with Mineral Content Exceeding that of Water Supply
   51.165   Registration of water-treating apparatus
   51.166   Apparatus producing wastewater with mineral content higher than that of water supply
   51.167   Applicability of certain sections to soft-water establishments and water softeners
   51.168   Maintenance or use of illegal apparatus
   51.169   Permit to install or alter apparatus
   51.170   Accessibility of apparatus and report as to operation
   51.171   Exemptions; definitions
   51.172   Certification
Part 9. Enforcement
   51.185   Declaration of public nuisance
   51.186   Enforcement provisions
   51.187   Administrative orders
   51.188   Unlawful discharges; damages and liability
   51.189   False statements
   51.999   Penalty