Article I. General Provisions
   15.01.001   Findings
   15.01.002   Definitions
Article II. Accumulation of Solid Waste
   15.01.020   Solid waste containers; required
   15.01.021   Solid waste containers; nature
   15.01.022   Solid waste storage
   15.01.023   Solid waste containers; roadside placement for pickup
   15.01.024   Solid waste; removal and disposal
   15.01.025   Solid waste; accumulation prohibited
   15.01.026   Solid waste; removal and disposal to prevent hazard or nuisance
   15.01.027   Dumping at unauthorized sites prohibited
   15.01.028   Burning solid waste prohibited
   15.01.029   Investigation; right of entry
Article III. Solid Waste and Recyclables Collection
   15.01.040   Solid waste collection
   15.01.041   Collection franchise
   15.01.042   Board may require undertaking of collector
   15.01.043   Collection franchisee must comply with conditions
   15.01.044   Exemption from requirement of collection franchise
   15.01.045   Scavenging - unlawful
   15.01.046   Building permits; diversion plans
Article IV. Edible Food Recovery
   15.01.050   Title
   15.01.051   Definitions
   15.01.052   Requirements for commercial edible food generators
   15.01.053   Requirements for food recovery organizations and services
   15.01.054   Inspections and investigations
   15.01.055   Enforcement
Article V. Transportation of Solid Waste
   15.01.060   Transportation of solid waste for deposit onto land in the unincorporated area of the county
   15.01.061   Origination of solid waste document
   15.01.062   Non-exclusive franchise
   15.01.063   Terms of franchise agreement
   15.01.064   Regulation of transportation rates
   15.01.065   Compliance with franchise agreement and provisions of this chapter
   15.01.066   Exemption from requirement of transportation franchise
Article VI. Disposal of Refuse
   15.01.080   Operation of disposal area prohibited without necessary authorization
   15.01.081   Requirements to dispose of solid waste in John Smith Landfill
Article VII. Enforcement
   15.01.095   Violation of chapter; public nuisance
   15.01.096   County officer’s duties
   15.01.097   Abatement of nuisances
   15.01.098   Violation of chapter; criminal
   15.01.099   Remedies cumulative