No building permit shall be issued until a solid waste diversion plan has been submitted to and approved by the Integrated Waste Management Department. Failure to submit a plan shall prevent the issuance of a building permit. Permitees are required to divert a minimum of 50% of their waste. A permit holder who has not diverted 50% of the construction or demolition waste from disposal shall be required to pay the County of San Benito an amount equal to the rate per ton for disposal of mixed waste at the John Smith Road Landfill existing at the time the penalty is calculated times the number of tons of waste that were not properly diverted as required by this section. Funds generated from any penalties collected will be set aside in a separate fund for waste diversion activities in the County of San Benito. Final occupancy will not be signed off until the permitee has submitted their waste diversion documentation and/or paid the penalty, if any, to the Integrated Waste Management Department. Sample solid waste diversion plans shall be available for permitees' use.
(Ord. 834, § 5)