(A)   Solid waste containers on all premises shall be emptied and solid waste shall be collected and properly disposed of not less than once a week. The collection and disposal shall be by the authorized collector, except that the premises’ occupants themselves may dispose of solid waste to a fully licensed public disposal facility in accordance with this chapter and/or in such manner and place as may be prescribed by the county’s Health Officer. The county’s Health Officer may require collection or disposal at a different frequency on premises where solid waste is produced in such quantities, or is of such a nature, that the increased frequency is necessary to prevent the occurrence of rodent and insect infestations, odor nuisances or threats to public health, welfare or safety, or to accommodate reasonable economic collection practice without impairment of the public health, welfare or safety.
   (B)   Any special requirements of the Health Officer shall be specified in writing and transmitted to the owner and occupier of the subject premises.
(1966 Code, § 25-7) (Ord. 619, § 2(part); Ord. 724, § 1(part))