(A)   The franchise agreement shall provide for a term of one year which shall renew automatically unless revoked.
   (B)   The franchise agreement shall provide for a franchise fee which shall be based on the amount of solid waste transported in the unincorporated area for deposit. The Board shall adopt a franchise fee by written resolution from time to time, following a public hearing. Notice of public hearing shall be posted in a newspaper of general circulation not less than ten days prior to the date of the hearing.
   (C)   The franchise agreement shall provide for payment of the franchise fee for intervals not longer than a quarter of a fiscal year, three months.
   (D)   The franchise agreement shall provide that the franchisees shall prepare and file reports with the county to include, without limitation, information about the volume and nature of solid waste, about the location where the transported solid waste is generated, and information about recycling/reuse efforts.
   (E)   The franchise agreement may require a bond as an undertaking to insure compliance with this chapter and with other requirement imposed by law.
   (F)   The agreement may provide for collection of the franchise fee by the operator of the John Smith Landfill.
(1966 Code, § 25-22) (Ord. 619, § 2(part); Ord. 724, § 1(part); Ord. 739 § 4; Ord. 776, § 7)