(A)   Every person owning or possessing any land, dwelling or industrial, commercial or business structure or premises, where solid waste is produced, generated or accumulated, except for a person owning or possessing an approved solid waste facility, shall provide and maintain on the premises suitable containers of sufficient capacity to store the accumulations of solid waste during the intervals between collection or disposal.
   (B)   Every contractor or builder engaged in the erection, demolition or repair of a structure shall provide a container at or near the building for the deposit and storage of any solid waste or demolition debris resulting from the erection, demolition or repair work.
   (C)   In multiple-occupancy structures or premises, when solid waste containers are not provided or maintained by the landlord, it shall be the responsibility of the tenant to provide and maintain adequate, approved containers.
(1966 Code, § 25-3) (Ord. 619, § 2(part); Ord. 724, § 1(part))