Article I. In General
   3.01.001   Meetings of Board of Supervisors; time and place
   3.01.002   Consolidation of offices; Sheriff and Coroner; separation of Tax Collector
   3.01.003   Consolidation of offices; Clerk and Recorder; separation and consolidation of the offices of Auditor and Controller
   3.01.004   Same; Tax Collector, Treasurer and Public Administrator
   3.01.005   Office hours for county offices; transaction of county business
   3.01.006   Recruitment and training of law enforcement officers; desire to receive state aid
   3.01.007   Same; adherence to state standards; Cal. Penal Code § 13522
   3.01.008   Same; same; Cal. Penal Code § 6040
   3.01.009   Law libraries
   3.01.010   Offices of Agricultural Commissioner and Sealer of Weights and Measures; fees for services
   3.01.011   Fees for jurors; mileage
   3.01.012   Fees for grand jurors; mileage
Article II. County Surveyor
   3.01.025   Office to be appointive
   3.01.026   Appointment
   3.01.027   Office of County Surveyor
Article IIA. County Director of Transportation
   3.01.030   County Director of Transportation
   3.01.031   Transfer of all duties of Road Commissioner to County Director of Transportation and elimination of the Office of County Road Commissioner
Article III. Supervisorial Districts
   3.01.040   Boundaries
Article IIIA. Board of Supervisors Term Limits
   3.01.050   Term limits
Article IV. Judicial District
   3.01.060   Consolidation of San Juan Bautista and Hollister Districts
   3.01.061   San Benito County Judicial District; designation; boundaries
   3.01.062   Same; sessions
   3.01.063   Effective date of consolidation
Article V. Work Furlough Program
   3.01.075   Cal. Penal Code § 1208 declared feasible
   3.01.076   Work Furlough Administrator designated
   3.01.077   Transfer of inmates; Cal. Penal Code § 1208.5
   3.01.078   Work Furlough Administrator; fee schedule
Article VI. County Administrative Officer
   3.01.090   Created
   3.01.091   Qualifications
   3.01.092   Duties and responsibilities
Article VII. Treasurer-Tax Collector, Public Administrator
   3.01.105   Qualifications for office
Article VIII. Clerk-Auditor-Recorder
   3.01.120   Qualifications for office
   3.01.121   Approval of claims
   3.01.122   Additional procedures
   3.01.123   Claims against the county
Article IX. Clerk to the Board of Supervisors
   3.01.140   Position of appointed Clerk to the Board of Supervisors created
   3.01.141   Duties and powers
Article X. Resource Management Agency
   3.01.145   Resource Management Agency created
   3.01.146   Definitions
   Buildings Appeals Board, see §§ 21.01.045 to 21.01.047 of this code
   County Organizations, see Chapter 3.05 of this code
   Disaster Council, see §§ 11.01.003, 11.01.004 of this code
   Director of Emergency Services, see § 11.01.005 of this code
   Emergency Organization, see § 11.01.006 of this code
   Oil and Gas Well Inspectors, see §§ 19.21.002 to 19.21.005 of this code
   Personnel regulations, see Chapter 3.03 of this code
   Purchases of supplies, equipment and contractual services, see Chapter 5.09 of this code
Statutory reference:
   Authority of county to consolidate certain offices, see Cal. Gov’t Code §§ 24300 to 24304