General Provisions
   112.01   Definitions
   112.02   Compliance by licensee
   112.03   Sanitation
   112.04   Employees; disease
   112.05   (Reserved)
   112.06   Disorderly conduct prohibited
   112.07   Prohibited conduct on the premises of liquor dispensing establishment
   112.08   Hours of sale
   112.09   Closing regulations
   112.10   Public property and park sites designated for alcohol service and consumption
   112.11   Permitted "happy hours" and meal packages, party packages and entertainment packages
   112.15   Sale or delivery to minors prohibited
   112.16   Warning sign to minors
   112.17   Purchasing or obtaining alcoholic liquors
   112.18   Identification required
   112.19   Misrepresentation of age
   112.20   Purchase or acceptance of gift, consumption prohibited; exceptions
   112.21   Minor employees
   112.22   Applicability of state law
   112.23   Prohibiting the entry of non-age persons on the premises of liquor establishments
   112.24   Non-age persons must be accompanied by parent or legal guardian
   112.25   Capacity of containers regulated
Retail Licenses
   112.30   Required
   112.31   Application
   112.32   Limitations of issuance
   112.33   Classes of licenses
   112.33A   License endorsements
   112.34   Number of licenses
   112.35   Licenses in annexed territory
   112.36   Duration of license
   112.37   Disposition of fees
   112.38   Selling without a license
   112.39   Record of licenses
   112.40   Transferability; privilege only
   112.41   Renewal
   112.42   Transfer of location
   112.43   License valid only in specific premises
   112.44   Limitations on locations of retail premises
   112.44A   Temporary COVID 19 outdoor service regulations
   112.45   Revocation
   112.46   Responsible alcohol service
Local Liquor Control Commissioner
   112.50   Designation
   112.51   Powers and duties
   112.52   Compensation
   112.53   Appointment of deputies
   112.54   Enforcement authority
   112.55   License records; notice of issuance or revocation
   112.99   Penalty