The Liquor Control Commissioner shall have the following powers and duties.
   (A)   To grant, suspend, and revoke for cause all licenses issued under this chapter for premises within his jurisdiction.
   (B)   To enter into and to authorize any law enforcement officer to enter at any time on any premises licensed hereunder to determine whether any of the provisions of S.H.A. Ch. 43 or of this ordinance or any rules and regulations adopted by him or by the State Liquor Control Commissioner have been or are being violated.
   (C)   To exercise all the powers, functions, and duties which are now or hereafter may be granted to him by S.H.A. Ch. 43, regulations of the State Liquor Control Commission or by this chapter.
   (D)   To suspend for not more than 30 days or revoke for cause any license issued  under this chapter after a hearing for any of the following reasons.
      (1)   The licensee has violated any laws of the state, of the United States, or of the village.
      (2)   The licensee has made any false statement as to a material fact in the application for the license.
      (3)   The licensee has allowed or permitted any violation of state or federal law or of the ordinances of the village by any person on the licensed premises.
      (4)   The licensee has failed to use and maintain the licensed premises in compliance with all codes and regulations pertaining to health and safety applicable within the village, including but not limited to building, plumbing, electrical, and fire codes, property maintenance, zoning ordinances, county health ordinances and all regulations and orders of the County Health Department.
      (5)   The suspension or revocation of the license of the licensee by the State Commission.
      (6)   Permitting any gambling device or equipment used for the purpose of gambling to be located on the licensed premises.
      (7)   The licensee has failed to pay any fee as required by this chapter or is delinquent for a period of more than 45 days in any license fees, taxes, or bills currently due and owing the village.
      (8)   The licensee has permitted any of its employees, managers or agents to perform any of the acts or commit any of the violations described or enumerated in this § 112.51(D).
   (E)   To examine or cause to be examined under oath any applicant for a local license or for a renewal thereof of any licensee on whom notice of hearing has been served to hear testimony and to take proof for his information in the performance of an investigation.
   (F)   To receive the complaint of any resident of the village and to investigate the complaint or to investigate on his own initiative any alleged violation of any law of the United States relating to the sale of alcoholic liquor or any of the provisions of the S.H.A. Ch. 43 or the ordinances of the village or any applicable rules and regulations adopted by him or by the State Commission.
   (G)   All hearings conducted before the Local Liquor Control Commissioner shall be recorded verbatim by a certified court reporter.  Any appeal of a decision of the Local Liquor Control Commissioner shall be taken solely on the record of the proceedings made by the certified court reporter.  No new or additional evidence shall be presented to the State Liquor Commissioner.
(Ord. 794, passed 8-19-81; Am. Ord. 2387-95, passed 11-1-95; Am. Ord. 2530-98, passed 1-21-98)