§ 112.31  APPLICATION.
   Application for a license required by § 112.30 shall be made to the Local Liquor Commissioner, in writing and signed by the applicant, if an individual, or a duly authorized agent thereof, if a corporation, verified by oath or affidavit presented not less than ten days prior to the date issuance is desired.  The application shall contain the following information and statements:
   (A)   The name, age, and address of the applicant if the applicant is a natural person, the names and addresses of all general partners and all limited partners owning five percent or more of the aggregate limited partnership interests if the applicant is a partnership, or, if the applicant is a corporation, the names and addresses of all directors, officers, and persons owning five percent or more of the shares of stock issued by the corporation as of the date of the application, together with the date of incorporation and a statement of the objects and purposes for which the corporation was incorporated, and, regardless of whether the applicant is a natural person or an entity, a statement of the class of license for which the application is submitted, together with all information required by the ordinances of the village to be furnished in support of an application for that class of license;
   (B)   The citizenship of the applicant, his place of birth, and if a naturalized  citizen, the time and place of his naturalization;
   (C)   The character of business of the applicant, and in case of a corporation, the objects for which it was formed;
   (D)   The length of time that the applicant has been in business of that character, or in case of a corporation, the date on which its charter was issued;
   (E)   The location and description of the premises or places of business which are to be operated under the license, together with documents or other evidence demonstrating that the applicant beneficially owns the premises or places of business for which a license is sought, or that the applicant has a lease of the premises or places for which a license is sought for the entire period of time covered by the license;
   (F)   A statement whether the applicant has made similar applications for a similar other license on premises other than described in this application, and the disposition of the application;
   (G)   A statement that applicant has never been convicted of a felony and is not disqualified to receive a license by reason of any matter or thing contained in this chapter, the laws of this state, or the ordinances of the village;
   (H)   Whether a previous license by any state or subdivision thereof, or by the federal government, has been revoked and the reasons therefor;
   (I)   A statement that the applicant will not violate any of the laws of the state or of the United States, or any ordinance of the village in the conduct of his place of business.
   (J)   New licensee applicants shall pay a one-time, non-refundable application fee of $500 to cover administrative cost of processing the application.  Said fee shall be in the form of a certified check or cashiers check and shall be promptly turned over to the Village Treasurer.
   (K)   Applicants seeking the issuance of video gaming terminal endorsements under the applicable provisions of § 112.33A in connection with the issuance of a class of license under this chapter eligible to receive such endorsements shall additionally provide the Local Liquor Control Commissioner with copies of all documentation issued by the State of Illinois and the Illinois Gaming Board evidencing the valid and current licensure of all video gaming terminals for which endorsements are sought by the applicant, together with proof of a zoning classification (including any required special use permit) permitting the operation and use of video gaming terminals within the proposed licensed premises. The provision of documentation conforming to the requirements of the preceding sentence shall be a condition to the issuance of any video gaming terminal endorsements under § 112.33A.
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