8-5-1: Title
8-5-2: Purpose
8-5-3: Definitions
8-5-4: Local Liquor Commissioner
8-5-5: Village Administrator As Chief Administrative Officer
8-5-6: Applicability Of Other Provisions
8-5-7: Local Liquor License Required
8-5-8: Application
8-5-9: Persons, Corporations, Partnerships, And/Or Limited Liability Companies Ineligible For Local Liquor License
8-5-10: Processing Of Applications
8-5-11: Classification Of Local Liquor Licenses
8-5-12: Term; Fees
8-5-13: Limitation On Number Of Local Liquor Licenses
8-5-14: Renewal; Effect Of Failure To Renew
8-5-15: Change In Personnel
8-5-16: Change Of Location
8-5-17: Insurance Required
8-5-18: Cessation Of Business
8-5-19: Local Liquor License A Personal Privilege; Not To Be Subject To Attachment, Transfer, Devolution
8-5-20: Records
8-5-21: Display Of Local Liquor License
8-5-22: Responsibility For Agents And Employees
8-5-23: Notification And Application Of New Managers
8-5-24: Hours Of Business And Outdoor Consumption
8-5-25: Prohibited Activities On Licensed Premises
8-5-26: Fine, Suspension, Revocation, And Nonrenewal Of Local Liquor License Generally; Appeal
8-5-27: After Revocation Of Local Liquor License
8-5-28: Violation Of Retailers' Occupation Tax Act
8-5-29: Signs
8-5-30: Sale To Certain Persons Prohibited
8-5-31: Evidence Of Age Of Person Attempting To Purchase Or Receive Alcoholic Liquor
8-5-32: Required Warning Sign
8-5-33: Employment Of Underaged Persons
8-5-34: Unlawful Possession And Consumption By Persons Under Age
8-5-35: Parental Responsibility
8-5-36: Responsibility Of The Owner Or Occupant Of Premises
8-5-37: General
8-5-38: Method Of Notice