13-1: Declaration Of Policy
13-2: Definitions
13-3: Rules Established
13-4: Unlawful Acts
13-5: Mandatory Service
13-6: Unlawful Disposition Of Solid Waste Generally
13-7: Residential Solid Waste Collection Service
13-8: Solid Waste Receptacles
13-9: Reserved
13-10: General Provisions
13-11: Bin Container Pads And Enclosures
13-12: Special Pick Up, Disposal And Collection Event Services
13-13: Enforcement; Powers And Duties Of City Manager Or His Designee
13-14: Charges For Collection; Time And Manner Of Payment
13-15: Building Design Requirements
13-16: Unlawful To Burn Solid Waste
13-17: Penalty For Contamination Of Yard Waste
13-18: Collection Of Recyclable Materials
13-19: Recycling Hauler Permit Requirement And Application
13-20: Refusal To Issue Permit
13-21: Term And Renewal
13-22: Reporting Requirements
13-23: Home Generated Sharps Waste Management Program
13-24: Penalty For Violation
13-25: Compliance With The Act And SB 1383 Regulatory Compliance