A.   The removal of dirt, sod, tree stumps, stones, broken concrete, furniture and appliances and other building materials is not considered to be normal household solid waste service. Periodic collection of accumulations of excess solid waste within the city, in addition to that provided for above, shall be made on the request of a resident. These services will be handled on a special pick up basis for which an extra charge is made. Tree and shrub trimmings which cannot be accommodated in the city provided yard waste cart shall be handled on a special pick up basis for which an extra charge will be made.
   B.   The following services are considered "special requests" and will be charged an additional fee as determined by city council and set by resolution. "Special requests" include, but are not limited to: extra pick up of residential, commercial, and industrial containers; same day delivery, emptying, or removal of temporary bins; same day delivery, emptying, removal or relocation of temporary or permanent roll off containers; standby time of collection personnel at customer request or to accommodate customer needs; same day return to empty a container or bin that was inaccessible, overfilled, or contaminated.
   C.   The disposal of substances determined to be household hazardous materials shall be restricted to special collection events or sites as approved by city council.
   D.   The city manager or his designee shall determine those waste materials suitable for special pick up service. (Ord. 1537 § B48, 8-6-1996; Ord. 1615, 10-1-2002)