1-1: How Code Designated And Cited
1-2: Designation And Citation Of mendments To Code
1-3: Construction Of Code
1-4: Definitions And Rules Of Construction
1-5: Provisions Considered As Continuations Of Existing Ordinances
1-6: Effect Of Repeal Of Ordinances
1-7: Severability Of Parts Of Code
1-8: Catchlines Of Sections
1-9: Violations, Penalties And Enforcement
1-10: Violations Of Code Deemed Nuisances; Summary Abatement
1-11: Labor On Public Works During Imprisonment
1-12: How Notices To Be Given
1-13: Proof Of Notice
1-14: Territorial Limits Of Application Of Code
1-15: Procedure For Arrest; Arresting Officer Defined
1-16: Procedure For Arrest; Adoption Of State Law
1-17: Procedure For Arrest; Notice To Appear When Person Not Taken Immediately Before Magistrate
1-18: Procedure For Arrest; Violation Of Promise To Appear; Unlawful
1-19: Claims
1-20: City Seal