A.   All bin container services shall require a concrete bin pad to ensure that the bin can be conveniently serviced. Each bin type container, regardless of the cubic yard capacity, shall require a concrete pad six inches (6") thick and six feet by ten feet (6' x 10') for each bin. The bin container pad shall be poured to the existing ground level, ensuring that the pad is neither too high nor too low, creating collection problems. There shall be a fence erected around the bin pad storage area. Such fencing shall conform with city specifications as specified by the city manager or his designee.
   B.   Temporary bin service may be provided at a residential or commercial site at the request of the customer for short term cleanup activities and do not require a bin enclosure. Temporary bin service shall not be utilized in lieu of permanent disposal service. Temporary bin location and on site duration may be limited so as not to constitute a public nuisance. Temporary bins determined to constitute a public nuisance may be immediately removed at the discretion of the city manager or his designee. (Ord. 1537 § B47, 8-6-1996; Ord. 1615, 10-1-2002; Ord. 1801, 12-3-2013)