A.   Where commercial collections are made from private alleys and accessways, said approaches shall be maintained in such a manner as not to be a hazard to collection personnel and equipment, and provide a safe and convenient entrance to and through the premises for the purpose of collecting refuse.
   B.   The approach to containers furnished by the city must be kept clear. An inaccessible container will not be dumped at the scheduled time. There will be an extra charge to dump a container other than at the regularly scheduled time, or if it is necessary to return to the collection site due to inaccessibility of the collection container.
   C.   Overfilled containers and excess trash on top of containers pose a hazard to collection vehicles and personnel and may not be dumped at the scheduled time. If an overfilled container is able to be dumped, it shall constitute a special haul and will require an extra charge.
   D.   Compacted commercial waste requires special handling due to increased weight associated with compaction. Compacted waste will be subject to increased collection charges and may require restrictions on the volume of waste accumulated between collection days.
   E.   All persons or businesses utilizing city owned containers are responsible for the sanitary conditions of each container or receptacle and the proximity thereof and must keep lids and doors closed when not in use. A charge may be assessed when steam cleaning of containers is requested by customers. All persons and businesses will be responsible for burned or damaged containers due to other than normal wear and tear and will be charged for necessary repairs. Bin containers may be fitted with lid locks at the request of the customer. A charge will be assessed for installation and repair of such locks.
   F.   Items that are likely to cause damage to regular city containers or the collection vehicles will not be regularly picked up. Such examples are, but are not limited to, timbers or tree trunks larger than four inches (4") in diameter or longer than five feet (5'), engine blocks, heads, transmissions, axles, spring assemblies, tires or draft shafts, all of which shall constitute a special haul. (Ord. 1494A, 7-20-1993; Ord. 1615, 10-1-2002)